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    YETI Roadie® 48 is an icebox on wheels designed to accompany you on your outings and contain food throughout the day, with the same storage capacity as a Tundra® icebox. Designed for everyday use, it's built to last: from the durable and retractable Periscope™ handle, to the impact and puncture resistant Neverflat™ wheels, this cooler is virtually indestructible.

    SKU: SKU-0121-RSR
    UPC: 888830256282
    • Outer size: 50.3cm x 50.5cm x 52.1cm
    • It can contain: 42 cans of beer, 17.7 kg of ice (alone)
    • Empty weight: 11.7kg
    • PERISCOPE™ HANDLE: retractable for maximum comfort, it is super resistant and suitable for carrying even the heaviest supplies
    • NEVERFLAT™ WHEELS: The sturdy wheel structure is resistant to impacts and punctures
    • PERMAFROST™ INSULATION: pressure injected polyurethane foam in the walls and lid ensures the best thermal performance
    • LIPGRIP™ side HANDLES: out of the way and simplify transport
    • BEARFOOT™ NON-SLIP FEET: Prevent the icebox from slipping
    • ANCHORPOINT™ FIXING SLOTS: Easily secure to boat, trailer or vehicle floor
    • ROCKSOLID™ CONSTRUCTION: Virtually indestructible
    • NEVERFAIL™ HINGE SYSTEM: Two hinges with pins and interlocking design prevent breakage
    • INTERLOCK™ LID SYSTEM: Creates a tight-fitting barrier against extreme temperatures
    • COLDLOCK™ SEAL: A quality, freeze-safe seal that locks the heat out and keeps the cold in
    • QUICKLATCH™ HOOKS: Simple, flexible opening hooks built for quick one-handed access
    • BOTTLE-FRIENDLY CONSTRUCTION Fits most standard wine bottles and upright two-liter soda bottles
    • BESTDAM™ DRAIN PLUG This airtight barrier offers added convenience for quick emptying
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