The perfect couple. On blakshop you will find an unparalleled selection of socks, of the brands that dictate the law and innovation in the category: Stance, Happy Socks, Huf. We have sophisticated designs for the most sophisticated look curators, and original graphics for sneaker fanatics and streetwear enthusiasts. We have the classic patterns for work and family dinners, and colorful socks and the most unpredictable patterns for leisure and evenings out - or the other way around, who are we to tell you what to do. For the athletes among us, we have lines of specific performance socks for sports: running, basketball, cycling, skiing and snowboarding, motocross, and for training in the gym. And of course we have all the basic socks you need. Basic, but not trivial. With socks we mean business. Whatever your passion - cinema, art, streetwear, music, sport, design… - you can put it on your feet. Whatever your style is, you can take another step forward in expressing it to the fullest. Gone is the reign of boring white, gray, and holey socks.


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