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We deny the belief that the sweatshirt is not elegant and sophisticated; we strongly refuse that it is only suitable for going to the gym, shopping or to be comfortable at home. The sweatshirt is a must-have piece of streetwear: like the t-shirt, but for when it's too cold to wear just the t-shirt. The sweatshirt is one of the most versatile assets in our wardrobe, an ace in the sleeve for creating outfits with layers and overlays. On blakshop you will find a wide selection of Obey, HUF, Edwin, Dickies, Brixton, Hurley and many other street brands. Hooded sweatshirts, round neck, with zip to combine with a t-shirt; heavy sweatshirts and fleece for the winter, and light French terry for the mid-seasons; basic, clean and minimal sweatshirts, or - as always - lots of graphics, prints and embroideries.


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