EDWIN is an ever-evolving denim brand that blends its origins of Japanese craftsmanship and craftsmanship with modern European vision and personality.


EDWIN is an ever-evolving denim brand, true to its origins of Japanese craftsmanship and craftsmanship and instilled with modern European expression and personality.

Music, art, international counter and subcultures are the reference points of EDWIN's creative vision. Denim comes to life every day in the urban streets, worn by skaters and surfers, artists, musicians and DJs; it shows all its character when worn by bikers and tattoo artists combined with DIY punk graphics, or in the raves of the electronic scene in London, Paris and Berlin.

A modern, eclectic and unpredictable mix that feeds inspiration and shapes the brand's individuality.

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To say that EDWIN made denim history is no exaggeration.

Mr. Tsunemi, the founder, first introduced denim to Japan in 1947 - imported from the United States, because no one produced it. The production of denim in Japan began in 1951, but the first attempts are still of poor quality, far removed from the robust American jeans.

When Mr. Tsunemi decides to experiment and produce his first pair of jeans in 1961, he makes them the heaviest fabric around. The only jeans in the world weighing 16 ounces, with the iconic three-color selvedge. EDWIN is born, but it is only the beginning.

In the 1970s, EDWIN was the first company to offer the old wash, the wash that replicates that classic worn look of American blue jeans.

In the 1980s, EDWIN had the idea of ​​trying to make denim less stiff and rough by throwing large stones during the washing process. Invent the stone wash, and revolutionize the entire denim industry forever.

In 2003 EDWIN Europe was born, founded to develop exclusive products for the European market and offer a selection of Japanese items to a new audience.

With such a remarkable artisan tradition, there is no doubt that EDWIN is today as then considered among the most prestigious quality and innovative denims. The brand however still knows new and modern; his personality owes a lot to the world of music - from rock'n'roll to electronics - and constantly evolves with the youth subcultures.

Today EDWIN is an ever-progressing denim brand, blending its origins of Japanese craftsmanship and craftsmanship tradition with modern European vision and personality.


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