SPEAK YOUR MIND: Lukasz Kolasowski's point

The point of Lukasz Kolasowski, athlete Huf and Emerica, on today's skate scene

You told us that you are about to move to Milan - for a thousand reasons, including skating of course. Do you think the skate scene in Italy is also alive in provincial cities or is it a prerogative of big cities , perhaps more influenced from abroad?

The bigger city scene is easier to notice, however there seem to be more and more people skating even in the smaller cities, although the quantity and quality of the spots may not be the same. It is certainly more exciting to skate in places where the scene is more alive, but as long as you are skating with your friends, you have fun wherever you go. Then as far as the spots are concerned, I must say that the province sometimes produces hidden spots that you can't find even in big cities!

What do you think about the current situation of skateboarding in Italy?

Skateboarding is evolving every day, not only because we see new tricks and more and more weights, but above all for the different ways of expressing themselves. A very positive thing is that I see more and more inclusion and open-mindedness.

Changes in the skate of the future?

Skateboarding at the Olympics: questionable, but it can certainly bring more skaters, more skateparks and fewer negative opinions from those who have never been on the board.

Another thing I've noticed is that more and more people take care of themselves physically, both to be able to skate better and to avoid getting hurt more than skating already does.

Your absolute favorite spot for skating? Or the one in which you dream of going skating (Italy or abroad indifferent)

Difficult to choose a favorite spot, but there are many that I would like to go to; Sicily gives me the idea of ​​being a magical place ideal for a tour. Outside of Italy, it has always inspired me to skate in China; after seeing the commercials that are in Shenzen you can't help but want to take a plane right away!


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