Obey Ideals, a collection that includes sustainable, organic, fair trade and recycled garments.


OBEY has been at the forefront for years to reduce its footprint on the planet: from the choice of sustainable materials, to responsible production techniques, to the protection of the rights and well-being of its workers. In 2015, it began partnering with fair trade to offer certified clothing that will ensure economic empowerment for factory workers.

Obey Ideals embodies all of this: a collection of sustainable, organic, fair trade and recycled garments.

“Responsibility and social justice have always played a very important role for OBEY, in word and deed. We work with manufacturers who guarantee fair wages and ethical working conditions, and we have now taken it one step further to become an official US Fair Trade partner. Our Fair Trade Certified ™ garments are manufactured in factories that operate to strict social, environmental and economic standards, where workers can do their jobs with pride and dignity. For every FairTrade certified product sold, workers can earn more money to fight poverty and develop projects for their community. Our hope is not only to benefit the workers of the Fair Trade factories, but also to lead by example and promote the expansion of the Fair Trade program. "  

- Shepard Fairey

This icon indicates that this garment is made in a sustainable way. More than just sustainable raw materials, the social context and the economic impact of its production are taken into consideration.

This icon indicates that this garment is made with organic cotton. Organic cotton certified according to strict regulations without the use of harmful pesticides, GMOs or synthetic fertilizers.

Fair Trade USA's Fair Trade Certified label offers consumers the knowledge that their purchase has a positive impact on the people who produce it. For each OBEY Fair Trade Certified product sold, a percentage is paid directly to a special fund for workers, who collectively decide how to spend these funds based on the greater needs of their communities: from scholarships, to school buses, to medical care , to the emergency services.

This icon indicates that this garment is made with recycled materials. 1.6 recycled plastic bottles and 0.1 kg of recycled cotton are used for one t-shirt.



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