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Cooler Yeti unisex


    YETI Tundra® 35 is a rigid, portable cooler ideal for transporting food and beverages for one person or a small group. Thanks to the thick layer of thermal insulation that keeps the ice out for days, and the robust rotomolded construction that makes the cooler practically indestructible, YETI Tundra 35® is perfect for all outdoor activities. It is comfortable to carry alone or with two, and can easily be placed on canoes, kayaks and SUPs, or on car seats. The Tundra 35 model comes with a food basket.

    SKU: SKU-0102-Harvest Red
    UPC: 888830133347
    • External: 54.3 cm x 40 cm x 51.1 cm Internal: 38.1 cm x 27 cm x 35.2 cm Empty weight: 9.1 kg Can hold: 21 cans of beer, 11 kg of ice (alone) Liters: 25.3 Compatible with the largest kayaks and ideal for SUP Food basket supplied FatWall ™ Design: thanks to the thick walls you get over five centimeters of insulation to keep the ice for a long time Rotomoulded construction: shell made of resistant plastic material and made of a single, thick and uniform piece , without welding; practically indestructible PermaFrost ™ insulation: pressure-injected polyurethane foam into the walls and lid ensures the best thermal performance NeverFail ™ hinge system: thanks to the two pins and interlocking design, the hinges never break Ancorpoint ™ Tie-down Slots : patented anchors for easy mounting to boat, trailer or van T-Rex ™ latches: patented locking hooks made of sturdy rubber so you no longer have to deal with broken hooks InterLock ™ cover: creates a barrier that protects from heat ColdLock ™ gasket: along the edge of the lid a gasket of the same quality as those used in freezers blocks the heat and retains the cold Bearfoot ™ non-slip feet: prevent slipping, keeping your YETI in place DoubleHaul ™ handles: the rope in polyester gives greater durability and hold during lifting LipGrip ™ handles: facilitate transport Vort exhaust system ex: the screw drain plug with gasket allows the cooler to drain
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