ICE 2LB Clear

Cooler Yeti unisex


    YETI ICE ™ is designed to cool while defying science. It has been optimized to reach the ideal temperature of -2 ° C, to keep food and drinks cold, but never frozen, for hours, even days. With a break-resistant design and a custom shape that reduces freezing time, Yeti Ice ™ is a welcome addition to your ice stash.

    SKU: SKU-211-CLEAR
    UPC: 888830063934
    • 2lb / 0.9 kg 20cm x 9.2cm x 4.1cm Unbreakable and impact resistant Its particular shape allows it to freeze faster Cools ice and contents more quickly and helps keep loose ice colder and longer Zero buildup of water to dry, put it back in the freezer as well
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