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    YETI Roadie® 24 is a portable and compact rigid icebox, ideal for a day outdoors. The thick layer of thermal insulation allows ice to be stored for days, keeping drinks frozen and food fresh for a long time. The rigid shell made with rotomoulded construction makes the icebox practically indestructible. The hooks open with one hand to facilitate access to the interior space. Thanks to its elongated design, the Roadie® 24 cooler can hold wine bottles standing upright, can be easily placed on the car seat and on canoes, kayaks and SUPs, and can also be used as a seat, ensuring maximum comfort on picnics .

    SKU: SKU-0111-NPU
    UPC: 888830210352
    • Outside: 41.9 cm x 40.5 cm x 38.7 cm Inside: 31.8 cm x 33.7 cm x 27.6 cm It can hold: 18 cans of beer, 10 Kg of ice (alone) Compatible with canoes, kayaks and SUP Liters: 22.3 Rotomoulded construction: shell made of resistant plastic material and made of a single piece, thick and uniform, without welding. Virtually indestructible PermaFrost ™ insulation: pressure-injected polyurethane foam into the walls and lid ensures the best thermal performance NeverFail ™ hinge system: thanks to the two pins and interlocking design, the hinges never break Quicklatch ™ hooks: hooks Simple and flexible opening, built for quick one-handed access Perfect for wine: 33.7cm internal height allows most wine bottles and 2L soda bottles to be stored upright. Designed side Heftyhauler ™ handle to make transport easy and comfortable Bearfoot ™ non-slip feet: prevent slipping, keeping your YETI in place Excess water or ice can be wiped off with a quick movement We recommend using 1 x YETI Ice 4lb
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