Where do I enter my promotional code?

Promotional codes can be entered on our checkout page.
To access the checkout select the "Proceed to checkout" button.
If you are browsing Blakshop from your computer you will find a text field on the right side of the screen, otherwise if you are using a table or mobile phone you will find an option "Enter Discount Code" at the top of the page, by selecting it the purchase details and the field will appear to enter the code.

How to apply the discount code on Blakshop

When can I apply my code?

In most cases, Blakshop promotions cannot be combined. This means that promotional codes cannot be applied to already discounted products.

If your order contains both full price and discounted products, the code will only apply to full price products.

If the code doesn't work

If, when inserting a promotional code, the message appears: " This code does not correspond to any active discount, nor to active gift cards. Are you sure you have entered it correctly?" it is possible that the code has expired, that it has not been entered correctly or that it is not applicable to the products in the cart.

How does a gift certificate work?

Gift vouchers are codes that can be entered at checkout just like a discount code. Unlike discount codes, the gift voucher can be applied to any product, has no expiration date and can be used in various purchases until the balance is exhausted.


How does the loyalty program work?

With the loyalty program you can accumulate Blak points and spend them to activate promotional codes. To start earning points, create an account on Blakshop.

If you have already purchased on Blakshop, register with the same email used in your previous purchases to recover the points of your orders.

All promotional codes activated with the loyalty program cannot be combined with other offers, which means that they cannot be applied to products on sale.

Find out how Blakshop points can be earned here

Delete a promotional code

If you have activated a promotional code by mistake or have changed your mind and want to recover the points spent, contact customer service by writing to, we will be happy to help you.

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