Huf founder Keith Hufnagel grew up skating in the back streets of New York in the late 1980s. At that time the simple concept of skateboarding was not contemplated: skateboarding was a counterculture of characters outside the chorus. It was a kind of life that formed Hufnagel's vision of his future. His passion for skateboarding soon led him to San Francisco to become a professional skater, and soon prompted him to open a small shop which he called Huf. The shop soon became recognized throughout the Bay, and the name Huf a reference for the skate community. . Thanks to the rapid growth in popularity, Hufnagel decided to transform the Huf project into a brand that encompassed everything he felt he represented: skate, street and fashionable shoes. Huf was born: an independent brand of skating clothing, shoes and equipment. Created by skaters for skaters, Huf offers quality and cutting-edge products, Huf is inspired by the multitude of individuals from different cultures who together form the skate community, and has now become a staple of streetwear, with increasingly frequent forays into fashion world.

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