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My name is Francesco 'Checco' Menichetti I was born in 1977 and I live in Pisa. I have been fascinated by boards since I was a child regardless of whether they were surf or skate and in retrospect I think no one introduced me to board sports, but that it has always been all my own work.

Although there was no internet and little or nothing was seen on television, I started surfing at 8. I was one of those few dreamy children who at the time were made fun of by everyone with the rhetorical phrase: “Are you surfing? But where? There are no waves here !! ”. Instead, it was during a holiday with my family in Corsica that I tried windsurfing and immediately the upgrade was to take some waves on that plank with the drift (a Tiga of over 3 meters!).

It was not at all easy to learn also because at the time it was difficult to recover the materials that were needed. At the age of 15 I also started with snowboarding, which gave me various professional satisfactions, collecting various podiums in the Italian freestyle championships.

Since 2003 I have been a snowboard instructor and in 2007 I became a Surf Instructor Isa (International Surfing Association). From here on I mainly dedicated myself to the world of this wonderful sport, also opening a school: the Surf Academy, born in 2008 in Tirrenia / Marina di Pisa.

The school was born with the aim of teaching to respect the sea and the environment that surrounds us, having fun in total safety in any situation. Surfing, as well as snowboarding, has given me the opportunity to travel a lot and discover incredible places. I love to call Southern California my 'second home', I have frequented it since 2001, as well as the island of Oahu in Hawaii, where I like to go whenever my finances allow.

I surfed a bit all over Europe, France, Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands. Here in Italy I usually surf in Marina di Pisa, sometimes I move towards Livorno or Liguria or Ansedonia, it always depends on how the waves enter. Today I am 43 years old and last June I became the father of a little girl named Emma. I would really like to be able to pass on my devotion to the sea and surfing, because it gives you feelings of purity and freedom that even after 30 years I cannot explain myself.

In the last three years of his career Checco has been accompanied by Hurley, the surf brand par excellence, the brand that, just like Checco, in addition to the table deeply loves the sea and its environment and lives it fully respecting it and sharing its essence.

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