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My name is Riccardo Nicoli and I live in Bologna. I am a 19 year old boy with a great passion, motocross. My love for motorcycles was born from an early age through my father. At the age of 7 I took part in my first competition and from there my career began immediately.

Today I am a competitive motocross rider in the 250 class, and during these years I have participated in races of national and European importance, also obtaining important confirmations such as 4th place in the international Supercross 125 championship; 1st place in the Italian Selective Motocross Championship; 4th in the Supercross 250 championship; and 8th in the Italian 250 Championship.

When I get on the bike, I always try to push myself further and further each time to reach all the goals set and thinking about my future. But obviously among the objectives there is also always to have fun. My dream, always and for which I commit myself every day, is to go and compete in America together with the riders I have followed since I was a child, but I am aware that to get to all this it will take many sacrifices.

In my life "on the bike" I am always accompanied by Stance, who for two years has supported me in competitions and training with technical motorcycle socks and all his underwear and t-shirts lines.

I am really happy with this partnership and I love the brand, the quality is very high and the style, what can I say… unique!

Riccardo shares with Stance and Herschel the same trump cards, fun and passion, always trying to push himself a little further, continually improving, but keeping his feet firmly on the ground with a lot of spirit of sacrifice and work.

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