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My name is Michele Testa, born in 1973. From a very young age I was attracted to art, painting, music, mainly punk, hardcore and metal; from motorbikes (first cross, then American Harley-Davidson - I have an 1989 Softail 1340) and tattoos.

These passions still accompany me today and have always been a source of inspiration in every aspect of my life. I recorded several records and played for many years around Italy and Europe, with my two main bands: Five O's (melodic hardcore) - from '98 to 2006 and If I Die Today (metal / post hardcore) - from 2010 to 2015; fundamental experiences, which have fed more and more my imagination and my creative processes, day by day.

Skating, snowboarding and surfing (I was born in a seaside town, Savona), were also important for my background, practicing them all for many years, even if now the time is really short and I am a little rusty ... The world of Tattoo, in which I work, fascinated me right away, considering it both an art form and a personal expression. Tattoos have bewitched me for this reason I started getting tattooed very early, considering the times that were running out and from there I never stopped.

I started tattooing 7 years ago, which for my age is relatively late, although I think it was good, as it was a conscious choice. In this way I managed to channel and synthesize all my previous lives in this art, making it a necessity, my definitive means to throw out everything I have inside.

After the first years of absolutely old school apprenticeship, I found my way and started shooting between conventions and guests around Italy and abroad. This has allowed me to continue to change and evolve over time, improving myself more and more, both technically and artistically.

I have no half measures, everything I have desired, in my small way, I have always managed to obtain thanks to humility, perseverance and a lot of willpower.

The Alien8 Tattoo Studio in Savona is my operational base, my dream has finally come true. Inside you can breathe a spirit consistent with everything I have told you about me and in line with my works, inspired by the Californian style (which blends the Japanese tattoo with the American one).

I have thrown a beautiful anchor for now, but I remain "on the road" and am always open to new collaborations and new destinations. The 360 ​​° artistic inspiration and the awareness of always being in evolution are the characteristics that

Michele plays every day in his work and in his life and they have always been the headlights that guide Stance. The collaboration was therefore born spontaneously chatting and sharing the same values ​​and the same vision of the world.

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