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My name is Mauro Rezza and I am a real "sick man" of racing.
I love the feeling of running surrounded by nature, in the absolute silence that is hidden in the mountains.

The crunching snow, the damp leaves, the wet stones that inhabit the steep slopes and the steepest climbs. This is what I love most about running.
I often participate in competitions, preferring trail and ultra running ones, but also dedicating myself to other disciplines, such as vertical and sky running.

The other things that characterize me are the love for the family (I am a loving husband and father of two children), the unbridled passion for Rock & Roll and for whiskey!

Going back to sport, ever since I met Stance socks on my way, I no longer run without them! They have become a guarantee for even the toughest and longest races, not to mention their truly unique design and style!

An adventurous spirit with strong and solid values ​​like Mauro could only be supported by the Stance brand, in particular with the Running and Adventure lines.

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