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I'm Majcol Porracin and I live in Chions, a small town in the province of Pordenone. I am a quad cross rider and, like many riders, the first time I got on a quad I did it for fun, it was at the age of one year when my parents gave me an electric one.

At the time I was too young to understand, but my parents immediately realized, as soon as they saw me racing with that little quad, that there was something different in me, that it was my sport, my passion, my dream . In fact, at the age of 3, the first 50 cc quad arrived, at 7 the 125 cc., And then the first regional races, my first experiences and even the first victories, until things began to get series.

At 11, the 250 cc arrives. and with him the first races in the championship of the Triveneto begin and also the first real "blows"! But that's exactly the point where I became aware that the quad was not just a whim or any kind of fun, but it represented everything for me, it was my life.

From that moment on I trained hard both physically and mentally, with great sacrifices both mine and my family. Sacrifices that have really paid off: in 2016 I took home a 4th place in the Italian quad-cross, in 2017 I won 3 titles (Italian vice-champion supermarecross, Italian vice-champion quad-cross and World champion under 16 in France) , in 2018 I moved to the queen category QX1 and won the title of Italian supermarecross vice-champion, an Italian quad-cross bronze and vice-world champion in France.

In recent years I have worked hard and have taken great satisfaction, especially thanks to the great help of my family, which I will never stop thanking. I think I am a simple and fairly reserved guy, but every time I wear the helmet, the suit and the boots to get on my quad, my shyness leaves me and I discover in myself a competitive and fierce person, but never gives up loyalty in competition.

Why am I running with a quad bike? "Because the most exhilarating aspect of flying without wings is its absolute simplicity". My future goals? The 12 hours in France, with all the best drivers of the various nations.

A simple and spontaneous boy, but really determined to follow a dream that has accompanied him since he was only one year old. Stance has decided to be part of this dream and support Majcol.

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