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My name is Loris Framarin, I'm twenty-two and I snowboard professionally. I became passionate about this discipline when I was ten and I immediately understood that it was what I wanted to do in life. So day after day, winter after winter I have been pursuing my goal relentlessly.Now thanks to snowboarding I have already seen a lot of places in the world and I have visited some really incredible ones!

In the last year alone I have been to China, America, Canada a couple of times and shot all over Europe. If I had to make a choice I would say that California is my favorite destination, there is a very cool vibe and you can really see everything. Mammoth's parks are super fun and by the way, that's where the freestyle snowboard scene started.

In addition to snowboarding, my other passions remain linked to the world of sport and the mountains, I really like climbing, riding a road bike, walking in the mountains and of course studying to always learn new freestyle movements.

For the future my main goal in terms of competition is certainly the Olympics, where I will try to finish at my best and get the best positions. But also on a personal level the goals are important and I will try to continue my improvement to always be able to express my potential to the fullest.

The desire to discover the world and the undisputed qualities it puts into its evolutions are the reasons why Etnies and Stance have chosen to support Loris in his career, accompanying him on all his most beautiful journeys!

Loris Framarin è supportato da etnies e stance

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