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Giuseppe Di Mauro, aka Kacyo, was born in Palermo on June 13, 1984 from a humble Sicilian family.

At the age of five, he began practicing martial arts and at the same time, thanks to his mother's passion, he got closer and closer to dance.

At the age of 14, during the period of high school, he approached hip hop culture for the first time, thanks also to his cousin Marco Sabatini, aka Off (as well as one of the most talented mc of the Palermo scene of those years).

Off could be called the guideline in Kacyo's artistic development. In fact, he instructed him on the various disciplines of hip hop (breaking, writing, dj and mc) and on the basic values ​​of this culture, and it was he who baptized Giuseppe Di Mauro with the stage name Kacyo. From this moment on, Kacyo, more passionate than ever to hip hop culture, begins to learn the basics of both writing and breaking until he recognizes his true passion in the latter, to which he has dedicated himself totally since the age of 15. . Thus began the constant training, carried out both at school and on the street.

In 2003 he joined the Savage crew from Palermo.
It is with the Savages that he begins to participate in the first competitions first in Sicily and then around Italy.

In 2008 comes the turning point that sees Kacyo settle permanently in Rome and become part of the Fluido Klan, a crew made up of B-boys from all over Italy.

In 2009 Kacyo, Walrus and Danilo founded the Deklan crew that over the years will be graduated 6 times champions at Boty Italy.

These victories allowed the Deklan to participate in the international Boty and compete with crews from all over the world, coming to place fifth at the international Boty in 2012.

Following the experiences and victories achieved with his crew Deklan, Kacyo decides to devote himself to a slightly more individual path that will lead him to the choice of participating mostly in 1vs1 competitions, also obtaining excellent results there both nationally and internationally.

Kacyo is in fact 2 times champion at the Battle of the Year and 3 times champion at Red Bull Bc One Italy. After his second Red Bull BC One victory in 2014, he founded the B-Student academy: a breaking, art and music community.

B-Student is not a random name, but the key concept of a philosophy that inspires Kacyo and that he will try to spread among all B-boys. The secret to being a good artist and a good B-boy is "be a student": being a student, always, drawing valuable lessons from all experiences, without ever feeling at the height of one's knowledge, because everyone can continue to learn every day. With his B-Student Kacyo has tried to pass on this vision to the new generations.

Today Kacyo is the technical director of the Breaking discipline at the Italian Dance Sport Federation. In 2018 he coached and then accompanied the blue breaking team to the Buenos Aires Youth Olympics.

For the past 4 years Kacyo has been accompanied in all his activities by Obey and Stance. His commitment and humility, as well as his talent, are certainly the keys to his success. Furthermore, his passion in wanting to raise little b-boys who share the same principles makes us proud and pushes us to continue to carry out this beautiful collaboration.

KACYO è supportato da stance e obey

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