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I am Gian Marco Maiocco, I am 27 years old and I come from the mountains of the Susa valley, Piedmont.
After years of skiing club, my mum one day at the end of the season made me try snowboarding, I was 12 years old. The following winter I gave up skiing to just go snow, I spent years freestyle on the slopes and when there was, in the snow park.

Thanks to a win in a race I chose to take a cam, with which I started filming the first tricks ... from there my growth also began in the field of videomaking. I always trained with more consistency, winter and summer on the glacier, I already had several sponsors and various online videos between video parts of various productions, self-produced and appeared in magazines, at the same time I was experiencing national competitions and some European stages .

I finished high school, I became a teacher and I abandoned the competitions, to devote myself to work and the media part of my career, that is photos and videos. Now I have been working for years with the snowboard school The Garden, a very important collaboration, born with the summer camps, and then confirmed also in winter.
For the future I will continue to do what I am already doing, trying to outdo myself.

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