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Genesio Ludovisi

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Genesio Ludovisi likes to call himself a Waterman, because no matter which board he enters the water with, the most important thing for him is the feeling of being free between the waves and the wind.

After a life spent among both national and international surf shops and competitions, Genesio now lives in Anzio, in the province of Rome, where he runs his own surf school, organizing lessons in both summer and winter.

His relationship with the waves began when he was only 6 years old, on the Roman coast, but strengthened when his father moved to the Canaries. In those places Genesio becomes familiar with the ocean, grows up, confronts himself and realizes he is ready to compete.

In 2002 he won the Italian Bodyboard championship and from here begins the love (with a capital A) for this wonderful sport. Travel also begins, because it is impossible not to travel if you are chasing the waves: France, Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands, Morocco, Indonesia, California, Azores Islands, Norway, but of course also his beloved Italy, where he has chosen to return to experience it. both as a place of sport and passion, and as a job.

The dedication to water sports and the teaching of love for nature have made him an ideal ambassador for Stance, but not only. Etnies, with its history that has always been linked to sustainability, have decided to support and support Genesio in its business.

Genesio Ludovisi è supportato da etnies, stance e

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