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GAP is the reference Snowboard School of Abetone (PT, Apennine Mountains), recognized by the FISI Winter Sports Federation and by the AMSI The School was born in 2012 from the passion of a group of 5 friends for this magnificent sport, currently reaching a of 8 Masters and Trainers.

The primary objective is to bring snowboarding and the passion for the mountains to a wider audience, paying particular attention to the theme of safety and fun.

The Gap offers single and group lessons, Freestyle Camp, Freeride Camp, seasonal courses for children and teenagers and specific courses for preparing for the selections to become a teacher.

Among our instructors you can find specialized personnel: Coaches, School Directors, Specialists for teaching for intellectual motor and visual disabilities, Freestyle and Freeride Specialists.

Why do we do all this?
Because for us Snowboarding is the maximum expression of ourselves, a synergy between deep passion, spirit of freedom and great friendships!

It is the special attention that Gap dedicates to young people, the future of snowboarding, which convinced Etnies and Stance to undertake this collaboration.

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