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"What do you do?" - "I live it." It all started more than 20 years ago, when at school, on Saturday, I anxiously awaited the sound of the bell, to be able to catapult straight into the mountains. Thanks to the passion of my parents, I had the opportunity to take my first steps on the snow, first with skis, then alternating between skiing and snowboarding, and then finally switching to snowboarding, my greatest love.

I still remember the board I used to learn definitely out of size with respect to my build, with a rigid attachment, I had to rent it weeks in advance, it was one of the few in the whole area. Those were the golden years of snowboarding. Then my first board, then another and another, now I have a full garage ..

In 2011 I decided to turn my greatest passion into work, becoming a snowboard instructor. They say “choose the job you love and you won't work even a day in your entire life”, I can confirm it. After more than twenty years the enthusiasm is still the same and there is no valid excuse to skip a day in the snow, so much so that in winter I am "homeless" and wander around the Alps in search of the best conditions for snowboarding. and practice my work.

Unfortunately, six months a year are not enough, here we are not talking about sport, but about lifestyle and above all about necessity. It is for this reason that for some summer now I have given myself to wakesurfing, "abandoning" my Brianza origins to move to Lake Como, finding the solution for my thirst for action sports even during the hot months.

In my free time I always try to fit some surf trip and mountain hikes. In short, I LIVE THE DREAM, or at least I try !.

Federico's free, enthusiastic and charismatic spirit definitely won us over. He is a person who incredibly loves the things he does, but his real strength is the naturalness and spontaneity through which you are able to transmit to others the love for his passions. And who better than Herschel, Stance and Brixton can represent his beloved lifestyle?

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