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My name is Federico De Vecchi, I am 18 years old and I am a BMX RACE athlete. When I was little, I loved jumping off curbs with my little bike, running and knowing when to stop. As a kid, being a little reckless makes you feel great and fills you with positive energy ... but to me it was more than that.

When I discovered BMX in a summer camp in my country, I fell madly in love. The thing I like most about this sport is the adrenaline, which pushes me to give my best every race weekend!

This wonderful sport has been with me since first grade, and I still enjoy jumps with my bike today just like then. In these years I have grown a lot, dedicating myself with sacrifice and dedication to my greatest passion.

Today I am part of the National Blue and I have achieved very important goals, including 7th place in the world championship in 2018, or the victory of the 5th stage of the European championship in Norway in 2019; I am Italian champion and I finished the European championship taking 4th position in the standings.

I train every day to achieve my dreams and I am sure that with my determination I will achieve them!

Federico continues to pedal, reaching increasingly important goals, which is why Stance ensures maximum comfort for his feet with Performance socks and has decided to support him both in the race and during training with all its lines.

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