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Chiara Caprettini

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My name is Chiara and in life I write, cook and photograph.

Thanks to my blog NORDFOODOVESTEST , born at the end of 2015, I managed to combine all my loves and enthusiasms: writing, the ancient languages ​​of the North (I have a degree in Germanic philology), literary cuisine and small family realities scattered around for the world.

I believe in the combination of food and writing as a place to tell stories of families, companies, products, and the territory. For me it's all - above all else - a question of emotion and feeling.

I am a sommelier and author of four books traveling between Portugal, Northern Europe, history of food and recipes.

I specialize in Nordic cuisine; I love RV trips and photography.

Chiara is the ideal ambassador for Happy Socks, sharing with the Swedish brand the same great desire to live and share, bringing happiness to all the people around them. Herschel Supply also accompanies her on her countless journeys.

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