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Camilla Frabetti

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Hello! My name is Camilla and I define myself as an Outdoor lover.

Ever since I was a child, my super sporty parents have passed on their passion for the mountains to the point that I still have old photos of me at 4 years old on the slopes of Sestriere at home. Over time this passion has become something much bigger!

I got closer and closer to this world and I started practicing various sports involving the mountains such as climbing, trail running, mountaineering etc... but along the way I realized that the thing I love most do is walk in the mountains with my beautiful bordercollie Goliath, he loves the mountains too like me!

My boyfriend and I recently bought a Van, with which we started to try our hand at wonderful adventures, discovering new glimpses, looking for new emotions. The feeling of freedom you feel when you have the opportunity to decide where to stop, where to sleep and then leave for a new destination is truly incomparable.

If I had to describe my mountain adventures with adjectives, I would certainly say: friendship, sharing, pure freedom.

The thirst for freedom and the desire to get lost and to explore nature, and in particular the mountains, are Camilla's characteristics that have captured the attention of brands such as YETI and Stance with its adventure collections.

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