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Arturo Cosentino

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Hi, I'm Arturo, I'm 28 and I've been skateboarding since I was 12. Thanks to several contests and videos, I managed to get the first visibility in the Sicilian scene, from which I never wanted to leave. Growing up with this strong passion for skate, I started practicing other board sports, becoming a snowboard instructor in 2013 and president of the first and only Sicilian snowboard club - Snowboard Academy Etna. I also became internal commissioner in the second training course of snowboard instructors and now also head of the snowboard commission in Sicily, and coach of the snowboard team of the Sicilian regional committee.

In addition to skateboarding and snowboarding, I started practicing cable wakeboarding about 4 years ago, immediately becoming passionate about this super adrenaline-pumping sport in contact with water, which has always been a great love for us Sicilians. In this context I find myself regional champion in progress, as well as having obtained several good placings in competitions throughout the national territory. What perhaps characterizes me the most is my continuous dedication to all board sports, which I continued to practice always trying to give my best and which today are really my life!

With my degree in architecture, I hope one day to be able to realize the dream of building extreme sports facilities !!! Sacrifice, dedication and ever-growing determination are the characteristic traits of Arturo, supported by Stance and Etnies.

Arturo Cosentino è supportato da stance e etnies

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