YETI manufactures products for those who take the outdoors seriously. From the best hikers, to the most experienced fishermen, to BBQ pitmasters. For those who need ice for days and boiling coffee for hours, for those who need to be able to count on a cooler that can withstand the real use made of it on land and in water.

YETI offers indestructible coolers, thermal bags which do not enter or leave a drop, thermally insulated water bottles that do not fear opponents. It's the closest thing to design that exists in the wilderness.

How did the YETI adventure begin?

In 2006 with two fishermen, the Texan brothers Roy and Ryan Seiders, with a single mission: to build a cooler that does not break. It was frustrating to have to put a stop to their adventures because of a cooler: handles coming off, hooks breaking, lids breaking ...
Thus was born YETI and the legendary Tundra®: a cooler so sturdy that it can stand on it while fishing.

Since then, YETI has been developing products that are able to face all the challenges that nature presents, to be able to stay out longer, travel further and live one's passions without limits. Sailing, barbecuing, surfing, snowboarding, fishing, rafting, camping and all the outdoor activities you can imagine.

Hard cooler
The first iceboxes you will want to buy and the last ones you will need to buy. YETI hard coolers excel in strength, long ice retention and weather resistance. The legendary Tundra® has reinvented the standards of this category: it has a rotomoulded shell to support any load and impact; the thick walls of insulating PermaFrost ensure that you will still have ice at the end of your ride; and yes, YETI's hard coolers are guaranteed bear proof. YETI's iceboxes are built for any outdoor occasion, whether you need to haul food on your camping weekend, quench an entire garden party with iced drinks , or keep fresh meat ready to put on the grill.

Soft cooler
The cooler bags that travel with you. 100% watertight and waterproof, made of high-density fabric - similar to firefighters' suits! - and with extreme thermal insulation. The Hopper soft coolers keep everything cool inside and everything else outside for days.

There is no better surprise than making tea, forgetting about it, and finding it hours later still hot. The thermal bottles, cups and glasses of the Rambler® family keep liquids hot or cold up to the limits imposed by science. Vacuum insulated double wall, stainless steel that won't dent, and a colorful finish that won't crack or peel - truly. Plus, you can throw them in the dishwasher without worry.




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