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Patterns, bright colors, symmetries, minimalisms: each sock speaks for itself and tells us a lot not only about the tastes of the person who is wearing it, but also about his personality, the mood of that day or the status quo.

Socks can tell a lot about a man, like a tie.
There are those with classic tastes who prefer simple and elegant models, and those who dare more with prints and colors that reveal the desire to differentiate themselves.
There are those who, to simplify their lives, buy them single-colored and all the same so that if they are lost or broken they do not have the problem of matching them, those who love to wear them unmatched following the current trend and show off a wide assortment of socks of all colors and patterns.

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Let's not underestimate the power of this accessory! It literally takes hold and becomes more and more the protagonist of our outfit.

Patterns, bright colors, symmetries, minimalisms: each sock speaks for itself and tells us a lot not only about the tastes of the person who is wearing it, but also about his personality, the mood of that day or the status quo.

Man of the moment? Justin Pierre James Trudeau (Ottawa, December 25, 1971), Canadian politician, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.
In any of her public appearances, photographers have been focusing on her feet for years, looking for the best angle to capture her ankles, or rather her socks.
The Prime Minister, in fact, famous for his modern ideas and his innovative speeches, has the merit of having brought this trend to the streets and to every meeting: his socks are part of his identity.
With them he showed his support to the Muslim community, wearing a pair with a congratulatory inscription on the end of Ramadan; showed his patriotism with a pair of maple leaves on his flag on a red background (for Canada Day, July 1, 2016), and also revealed his passion for Star Wars with those Chewbacca, C3PO representatives and R2D2.


One of his favorite brands is Happy Socks, thanks to the wide catalog of color combinations and original patterns, which adapt perfectly to any situation, both casual and formal.
The idea of ​​Happy Socks is to transform an everyday accessory, often taken for granted, into a colorful object designed to spread happiness and joy, while maintaining a standard of maximum quality, craftsmanship and creativity.
Happy Socks pioneered when, ten years ago, a graphic designer (VIKTOR TELL) and a publicist (MIKAEL SÖDERLINDH) decided it was time to add a touch of fun to an essential but neglected accessory, often hidden and declined to the maximum in white. or black.
Thus was born a brand that today is already present in 90 countries and has created Capsule Collections in collaboration with giants such as Komono , Wesc or big names like those of Pharell Williams , Snoop Dogg or The Beatles .

keith haring x happy socks

Speaking of great collaborations, on January 31st Happy Socks launches a collection entirely dedicated to the legendary pop art artist Keith Haring.

Keith Haring, famous for his wonderful works of art on the gray walls of big cities and subways, saw design as a way to make the world a better place. Happy Socks is in perfect harmony with this attitude, and has created a collection with the intent of spreading love, carrying Keith's eternal hearts for a walk.
The collection includes three single socks, a gift box with all three models, and underwear for both men and women, also available in colorful gift boxes.

keith haring gift box

The trend of socks is depopulating, and finally men and women can share a trend!

Having said that Happy Socks, despite having an entirely unisex catalog, has launched an all-female brand: Hysteria .


Hysteria is the first hosiery brand intended exclusively for women. Through refined aesthetics and attention to detail, the Hysteria collections perfectly complement every woman's everyday style, redefining the way women see socks, and inspiring them to revisit their outfit from foot to head.

The new Hysteria Spring / Summer 2018 collection is inspired by Mediterranean sceneries and colors, with a touch of retro  for the woman who is looking for a different touch of elegance. 

Here is how happy socks can transform a simple and neglected product into a story of joy and creativity. Now a look can completely change thanks to a pair of socks.

Do you want to try it?
Choose from our vast assortment which sock is right for you!

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