Happy Socks x Montana Cans

Freedom of expression and creativity are the main theme of the Happy Socks limited edition created in collaboration with Montana Cans - the famous brand of spray cans. This exclusive collection celebrates the meeting of two brands determined to achieve a common goal: to make the world a more colorful place! :)

In the mid-90s, a small group of street artists from Heidelberg, Germany, decided to make MONTANA CANS the best tools for spray painting and graffiti production. The company, initially established in a garage, quickly became a world reference in the aerosol sector, without ever losing sight of its origins and its roots firmly anchored in the world of graffiti.

Today Montana Cans is considered the premier supplier of paints and spray cans, and works hand in hand with artists around the world to push the boundaries of technology.

The result of this fantastic collaboration are two pairs of socks from the Athletic line. Crafted from soft combed cotton, they feature graffiti-themed designs including mini spray cans and dripping paint drop pattern.

Montana Happy Socks Can socks

Both are available in men's and women's sizes in a clearly themed gift box: tin can with large colored dots to recall the idea of ​​a personalized spray can

Montana Happy Socks Can

Happy Socks x Montana Cans is based on 3 principles: Wear Under Pressure, May Cause Creativity, Risk of Originality , which draw inspiration from the 'Warnings' present on the spray cans. The slogans are indicative of the rationale behind collaboration: the common and shared values ​​of creativity and self-expression.

For the shooting of this collection the choice fell on Hamburg - Germany - considered as one of the main symbolic cities of street art.

Athletic Meets The StreetsAthletic Meets The Streets
Athletic Meets The Streets
Athletic Meets The Streets

Named to capture the true essence of the rapidly evolving graffiti world, Good Guy Boris, satirical street art influencer and founder of The Grifters, loads the setting with adrenaline and unbridled creativity, with a touch of wholesome humor.
The shots immediately communicate how Happy Socks fit perfectly into this environment as a streetwear accessory.

Athletic Meets The Streets
Athletic Meets The Streets


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