Tundra 75 White White

Cooler Yeti unisex


    Tundra® 75 is one of the most capacious YETI rigid iceboxes, suitable for larger groups and for longer trips. With a large interior space, this cooler is ideal for keeping food fresh or for storing drinks at the perfect temperature. The walls contain over 5cm of PermaFrost ™ thermal insulation which retains ice for days, while the rotomoulded construction makes it virtually indestructible. The innovative T-Rex locking hooks, anchoring system and non-slip feet add extra strength, making it also a perfect seat in front of the fire.This model comes with a food basket.

    SKU: SKU-105-WHITE
    UPC: 888830063514
    • External: 85.1 cm x 44.5 cm x 81 cm Internal: 68.6 cm x 32.7 cm x 65.1 cm Empty weight: 15.4 kg Liters: 66.2 Can contain: 57 beer cans, 31 kg of ice (alone) Food basket supplied FatWall ™ Design: thanks to the thick walls, over five centimeters of insulation are obtained to preserve the ice for a long time. Rotomoulded construction: shell made of resistant plastic material and made of a single piece, thick and uniform, without welding; practically indestructible PermaFrost ™ insulation: pressure-injected polyurethane foam into the walls and lid ensures the best thermal performance NeverFail ™ hinge system: thanks to the two pins and interlocking design, the hinges never break Ancorpoint ™ Tie-down Slots : patented anchors for easy mounting to boat, trailer or van T-Rex ™ latches: patented locking hooks made of sturdy rubber so you no longer have to deal with broken hooks InterLock ™ cover: creates a barrier that protects from heat ColdLock ™ seal: along the edge of the lid a seal of the same quality as those used in freezers, blocks the heat and retains the cold Bearfoot ™ non-slip feet: prevent slipping, keeping your YETI® in place DoubleHaul ™ handles: the polyester rope gives greater durability and hold during lifting LipGrip ™ handles: facilitate transport Vo discharge system rtex: the screw drain plug with gasket allows the cooler to drain
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