Sanitizing Hand Gel 90Ml Assorted Assorted

Health and beauty Dfns unisex

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    Antibacterial hand sanitizing gel 90ml. DFNS gel formula is made entirely of plant-based ingredients, does not contain alcohol, is moisturizing and biodegradable.

    This type of formula is commonly used in a medical setting. It has been tested for effectiveness against 170 different pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. The effectiveness of the ingredients has also been approved by the Food & Drug Administration, the American government body that deals with the regulation of pharmaceutical products.

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    • 100% biodegradable Plant-based formula: the ingredients contained have natural antimicrobial properties Alcohol-free formula: helps the body to create natural resistance against germs and bacteria over time Contains natural moisturizing ingredients, suitable for frequent use C02-negative packaging (means that its production eliminates emissions from the environment, instead of releasing them) and recyclable, made from sugar cane
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