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Surf in Salento

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Positivity and the desire to work together to create something that is good for the sports and tourist community through surfing and the sea is what prompted Hurley to support Surf in Salento.

Since 2012, the year of its foundation, Surfinsalento has been a territorial development project whose beating heart is represented by marine board sports such as wave surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing. "We started with the questions that everyone asked us when they learned about our passion, wave surfing. Are there high waves in Salento? And where are these waves? Since then our dream has been to create that movement in our land. which took hold in California in the 60s, which positively changed generations of kids in search of strong emotions.

Our dream wants to be contagious, but also respectful of the environment and culture that surrounds Salento and board sports, a # SUSTAINABLE dream. We strongly believe that to create a large and serene surfing community we need to "tell experiences" . Not teachings and didactics, which we leave to surf schools, but dialogue and comparison. Here then is that Surfinsalento takes shape, as an ideal place where each of us can discover something new about Salento.

Surfinsalento turns into a map that serves as a guide for all those who wish to practice these sports in southern Puglia. The keywords for the development of our project are certainly #SHARING #COOPERATION #INTEGRATION #INNOVATION #COMMUNICATION. Our motto is #ALMARETUTTOLANNO, because we like to live the sea every day, this makes us feel good and increases the quality of our life.

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