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Martina Mancassola

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I'm Martina Maria Mancassola, I'm 29 and I live in Verona.
I have a degree in law and I am currently graduated from the School of Specialization for the Legal Professions of the University of Verona, but my greatest passion is writing. I love getting lost in the pages of a good book!

I take care of my two literary blogs (on Instagram @ jane_austen_92 and @ stoleggendo.mancassolamartina ) in which I spread my poems of the heart, the passages of classics and contemporaries that have represented for me an opportunity for reflection and growth.

I have a huge flaw: I never stop buying books! I get lost in the bookstores of the city and in the flea markets, where I always find an old edition to keep and embrace. I love to dream and reading books I have lived many other lives!

I am madly in love with Southern Italy and as soon as I can I go to my grandmother in Catanzaro Lido to find peace while contemplating the sea and admiring the flight of the seagulls.

The medium by which I fully express myself is writing. I have published various collections of poetry and short prose writings. I love words because they ask for nothing and give everything!

I graduated in the fifth year of piano at the Conservatory, I love music and in general art in all its forms, whether it is painting, sculpture or literature.
In the summer I work as a corifea at the Arena di Verona Foundation, opera is another great passion of mine.

I organize monthly reading groups through my Telegram channel Reading group with Jane, I am green friendly, I love to travel and meditate and ... you will find out the rest by browsing my blogs :)

In fact, I also recently opened my blog on WordPress , and a Youtube channel.

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