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Lukasz Kolasowski

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My name is Lukasz, I am 27 years old and I have been skating for about 11. I was born in Wrocław in Poland, but I grew up in the province of Verona from the age of 3. I started pushing really early, at 5 or 6 years old, and over time I got to get closer and closer to the world of skateboarding through videos, music and video games. However, I really dove into this world around 2009, when I got my hands (or rather, my feet) on a more serious setup.

In addition to skating, I am finishing my studies at the University of Verona and have been working as a translation editor for a few years. I have cultivated a great passion for music since the early years of adolescence, ranging from genres such as hip hop, which I prefer and which practically raised me, to soul and black music in general; I have always loved the connections between different musical genres.

With some dear friends of mine we created the Nice Planet collective to express and share this passion through events organized by us podcasts and collaborations between Milan and Verona. I have always seen a close link between the world of music and skateboarding, both of which are part of a wider culture that has allowed me to be able to see the world in a slightly different way, as I see it now, but also to meet people. which I would never have come close to if it weren't for this.

In the future I would like to have the opportunity to travel as much as possible to expand what I was talking about before, that is my vision of the world, to understand a little more everything that surrounds us and in which we live. All this while continuing to carry on the passions that have accompanied me and have animated me for years and that have given me countless satisfactions and have certainly made me a better person.

The desire to do and get involved in the heart of the world together with his eclecticism between skateboarding and music made HUF, Stance and Arcade support him. "Skateboarding is a blessing!"

Lukasz Kolasowski è supportato da huf, stance e arcade

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