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Guido Zanotto

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My name is Guido Zanotto, I am 26 years old, I was born in Casale Monferrato in Piedmont. It all started when I was only 10 years old, when I got into skateboarding mainly by leafing through magazines ... but already there I immediately thought: “I want to do this too! "

It then happened that my sister got engaged to a skater, who passed on his passion to me, bringing me even closer to skateboarding even though I was still little. Living in a small village I was forced to move every day to go to train, thus having to spend hours on public transport. At first it was a bit heavy, but then I realized that I also liked the time it took to move and soon I discovered that I also liked moving and traveling a lot.

I began to understand that skate and travel went hand in hand, both made me feel free and carefree giving me a happiness that nothing could match, and it still is today! I started dedicating all my free time to skating, taking a lot of inspiration from the videos I watched and studied, especially those of Paul Rodriguez.

Subsequently, thanks to the fundamental support of the sponsors, I was able to start touring a lot in Europe, which was fundamental to increase the amount of tricks and to improve the style, greatly increasing my level.

I spent a lot of time in Barcelona: riders come there from all over the world to best express their passion and experience the city in all its splendor. Barcelona is a very “popular” destination due to its urban planning, the very favorable climate and the skate influence it has suffered over the years.

This city has formed me a lot both as an athlete and as a person, helping me to understand what I really wanted from skateboarding and not least how to do it. This square also gave me the opportunity to get noticed more and more, thus managing to join teams that have further increased my visibility.

After this Spanish experience I continued to move to Europe, the United States and South America to participate in international competitions, being able to compete with the best in the world. Now I live in Milan and I concentrate a lot on recording clips in various commercials with my group (friends and filmers). Milan is a city that offers many choices, where I can promote my skateboarding well ...

Currently my local spot is MC, or the central station, which is one of the busiest and best known locations. Obviously I also move to other skateparks and other spots to train in a different way. Skateo for different brands with whom we plan tours around the world, with the aim of producing videos that will then be published on the main sector media, which as we know nowadays are also considered great influencers in the world of streetwear fashion.

We often also record demos that we present at events that I then attend. Obviously, although it is the main part of my life, I also have other passions and hobbies. For example, during my free time I am interested in cinema, art and music which are an important source of inspiration, they contribute significantly to give me the energy to progress.

Skateboarding is a lifestyle that embodies art, technique and method, it is not just a mechanical maneuver! Everything matters, how the maneuver is performed, the person who performs it, the charisma that he manages to transmit while executing it. We must consider the totality of the skater and not just the athletic part, that's why I'm talking about lifestyle: the artistic part is really fundamental.

Thinking about the future I confess that I would like the idea of ​​opening a skate school, or at least holding courses to pass on my passion, my technique and my experience to young talent!

Guido's story and experience have conquered Stance, Huf and Herschel Supply who share with him the passion for skate, art and travel. They recognize in Guido talent and passion for aspects of life that are also the essence of these brands.

Guido Zanotto è supportato da stance, herschel e obey

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