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My name is Gabriele Wolf and I am 25 years old.
I am an MTB-enduro rider and passionate traveler, always on the hunt for the best performance in the race, but also for the most technical and panoramic trail during my fantastic adventures.

In my daily life the alarm rings early, because the journey and the ever-increasing adrenaline are already waiting for me. These are the aspects that both my race weekends and the days of exploration in special places have in common. But it is in the competition that I am able to express my potential to the maximum, being aware of my limits and always trying to improve them.

Evenings spent planning superlative tours load me up and prepare me for the day in the saddle. The desire to discover, but above all the curiosity that triggers the "what's back there?" is what stimulates me every day.

If the bicycle hadn't been invented, I really think I would have rolled up my sleeves and I would have thought of it! Gabriele's determination and adrenaline rush are supported by Etnies, which is investing heavily in the bike world.

Gabriele Wolf è supportato da etnies

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