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Emanuele De Galitiis

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Hi, I'm Emanuele but everyone knows me as "Ciko", I was born in Pescara on the Adriatic Sea, I lived a few years in Barcelona, ​​but now I live permanently in Turin! This is where I managed to combine my reason for living - that is, skateboarding - with necessity, becoming a master of skateboarding. In fact, I currently work at the Streetsyle Skateboarding school which is a Turin skateshop and, over time, I can say has also become my family here in Piedmont!

Since I was a child I have always had toy skateboards inside the house, but we can say that the real passion was born in the middle school years, when around 13 I started to really understand what skateboarding was, and that's the moment in which it is. became the center around which my life began to revolve. It gave me the opportunity to "live" from all points of view, allowing me to have many new experiences, travel, meet people all over Europe and, last but not least, learn languages.

All this may seem trivial, but I think they are really the things that remain the most in life, that form you as a person and that represent the wealth of experiences that you carry with you. What skateboarding gives me every day is difficult to put into words and even trying it I know it would barely convey the idea, but I want to tell you that it is a mix of positive feelings, a lot of love and respect for this discipline that really teaches you to see everything. from another point of view, to face life with a particular attitude… which needless to say for what concerns it is the right one!

I'm also a huge fan of rap music, unfortunately I don't make music, but I listen to so much of it that I feel bad! But it is known that music and skate are often an essential combination, there has always been a strong connection between the two worlds that often become cause - effect of the style and approach of each skater.

A very important part of my life are my two Pitbulls (Josh and Greis), who for me are really everything with whom I spend a lot of my time and passion for cooking. When I'm at home one of the things that most relaxes me and I like to do is cooking, and let me also say that I do quite well!

In my future I hope to be able to travel as much as possible through skateboarding, to also be able to film as much as possible and working to make the school I work for here in Turin grow more and more. I love teaching very much, it really fills me with joy to transmit my passion to my students, even the smallest ones, and to see the progress they are capable of every day!

Ciko is a direct person, genuine and completely infused in the world of skate, which is now also her profession. Living and feeling skateboarding as a philosophy of life has always been the guiding light of éS Skaboarding who has decided to support Ciko in the development of the discipline in Turin together with Stance and Herschel Supply.

Emanuele De Galitiis è supportato da stance, herschel e

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