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Celeste Savoretti

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Bye! My name is Celeste Savoretti and I come from Rosario, Argentina. I have been living in Italy for 2 years and I am currently in Turin.

My great passion is skateboarding which I have been practicing since 2011. Besides skateboarding, two other passions have been with me all my life. The first is photography, which has always fascinated me and on which I based my studies, up to taking pictures of skateboards. And then there is the music, which holds a special place for me. Being a big fan of 90s rap, I started playing for passion, but over time I managed to make it a job too, playing here and there as a DJ.

I currently work in a shop and do skateboarding lessons. I hope over time to be able to carry my passions further and further by traveling, getting to know new places and having as many life experiences as possible.

She loves life, nature, and art… in short, Celeste is not a girl who knows how to stand still, and her desire to do is supported by the OBEY, Stance and Etnies brands.

Celeste Savoretti è supportata da obey, stance e etnies

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