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Adriano La Greca

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My name is Adriano and my origins are Italian-Swiss but, a few years after my birth in Zurich, my parents decided to settle in Catania. The relationship with the city of Catania has always been one of hate / love.
It is here that at the age of 14 I got to know skateboarding. The city is located on the slopes of Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe, and is famous to all for the sun, the sea, the food and an infinity of other qualities.

Unfortunately, however, the fact of having so many advantages highlights its biggest flaw even more: Catania does not offer great opportunities for growth. The lack of opportunities means that many young people, myself included, are forced to leave this beautiful land to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

For this reason, just over two years ago, after graduating in Industrial Engineering at the University of Catania, I took the ball and left for Turin to continue my studies at the Polytechnic.

In dealing with the difficulties related to moving to a city other than my own, I was helped by the skaters of Turin and by Skateboarding's Finest, a historic skateshop, who welcomed me with open arms. In them I found friends and a family respectively.

Traveling is an aspect that cannot be missing in my life and that has allowed me to develop an open mind that otherwise I would not have achieved. To date, about to finish my studies, I plan the next moves, with the certainty that I will be accompanied by skateboarding and the teachings that he has passed on to me over the years.

What is seen by many as a means of transport is, in my eyes, both an art and a teaching tool that teaches not to give up and to pursue one's goals with tenacity. It is no coincidence that the passivity with which I approached problems as a boy has been replaced by an ever stronger conviction that what happens to us in life is, broadly speaking, the fruit of our actions.

In the future I see the realization of many objectives, marked by sacrifices and as many satisfactions. Simply put, I see a better version of me both as a person and as a skateboarder.

The approach and dialogue with Adriano was a natural passage for Stance. Adriano is the ideal athlete and person with whom to establish a lasting collaboration, based on respect and passion for the values ​​of skateboarding and work.

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